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Hi, I'm looking for a podcast right now and Podverse and AntennaPod are my two favourites. Does anybody know the difference between then or where to find a comparison or have a suggestion and reason to use one and not the other one?

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one more thing, does one of your apps support funkwhale? or do both?

Hi @mrrulf

Yes, podcasts hosted on @funkwhale have an RSS Channel, which you can add to any true podcast app (like AntennaPod and Podverse). Here you'll find instructions for finding the RSS feed on Funkwhale:


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A personal side-note: I love it that our friends over at Funkwhale have worked on making Funkwhale content available as podcast. But the project doesn't really (aim to) provide a podcasting-first experience. So when subscribing to these feeds you will get a basic experience. That's perfectly fine of course, but I would recommend (potential) podcasters to check out @Castopod instead (which offers great extra things specifically for podcasts.


@keunes We probably don't yet are the best address for Podcasts and Podcasts are likely never the most important type of content, but we surely aim to provide a better podcasting experience in the future. Playback Position sync and a gpodder api are two ideas, I guess there are a lot of ways to improve Funkwhale as a client, too.

If there is any more input, we currently have a thread in the forum to collect ideas :)

@gcrkrause Hello! I made my comment in the context of _publishing_ a podcast on Funkwhale (role of 'hoster' - where the podcaster can publish their content). If I interpreted correctly, you seemed to focus more on the role of client (where the user listens podcasts). There's something to say for both, though I think the 'client' role would fit better in my personal opinion. Either way, in both situations APIs come in handy - will be sure to reply on the forum!

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