We all know that #Google is behind Android, and runs the biggest app store for it. So they surely know their business, right? Ahem, really? Sure?

Catima is a purely offline working app. It does not even request ANY network permissions. So what do you guess Google needs to review the app whether it meets their developer guidelines?

(source if you want to check: nitter.net/SylvieLorxu/status/)

Quoting the dev from the linked source:

"Another reason to use F-Droid instead: F-Droid app reviewers understand how technology works."

Oh, and #Google rejects apps because they state they are free/libre? Or rather because they "use Google Translate incorrectly"? A story how Gogle constantly messes up, keeping devs from improving their apps as they have to focus on non-existent "compliance issues":


And Sylvia isn't the only one experiencing this. Ask @ConnyDuck (Tusky) for example. And I'm pretty sure you'll find many more examples…

#GooglePlay #monopoly #messingUp #incompetence


@IzzyOnDroid @ConnyDuck The Funkwhale App was rejected because it provides access to adult content while we state its usable for minors as well. I am wondering how a browser got into the play store...

@gcrkrause @IzzyOnDroid @ConnyDuck And how the hell Yo**be with all toxic shit is allowed... So, time to ban the internet as a whole!

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