I am doing another collection for @Sbarry8520. His house was hit by a storm. The aim is to collect 40.000 GMD, which is about 670€ or 780$. We already have 200€. If you want to participate, get in touch to talk about the money transfer. Afterwards I will send the full amount to Gambia. Boosts are very welcome :)

We collected 346.26€! This is the half of what is needed to fund the building of the house and help @Sbarry8520 and his family to have a place to live again.


We raised 476.58€, to reach our target we still need 200€! 20 people giving 10€ would already enough, please consider a donation if you can effort it to enable @Sbarry8520 to rebuild their families house!

@bgp @Sbarry8520 Well, I'd rather not take care of such a collection again. Its quite some work to track all the money and ask people for donations again and again and my life is busy already. I just sent a batch like two days ago and I am happy I don't store hundreds of bucks which don't belong to me anymore.

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