So published an official for a totally gated operating system () which totally ignore accessibility while the projects still fails to moderate its mastodon instance, which is the biggest in the network and distributes hate content. Well done, not!

@gcrkrause no Android release yet either, which is really bizarre. I read somewhere that he got tons of funding to make this? If so, where did the funding come from? Patreon?

@blindscribe One could argue there are quite some Android Apps already, but open source development for iOS is much harder to do. But ignoring moderation and accessibility (its what I read from your comments, I cant test it) totally missed what is really important.

@gcrkrause as far as accessibility goes, there are tons of contrast issues and overall issues with the app. If someone were to use the official app, and not really know that the federal verse is a connected network, this app would be very misleading


@blindscribe Seems like they just go towards a more commercial with Mastodon. Sad they leave all the important topics behind :(

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