@ryan_harg @aurant @nobody How about collecting some money for help. told me its about 25.000 GMD, which is less than 450 EUR and less than 500 USD. I will send some, are you on board? :)

@gcrkrause @ryan_harg @aurant @Saikoubarry I’m down for some but not so comfortable wiring money. Anybody able to collect via other means and handle the transfer part?

@gcrkrause @ryan_harg @aurant @nobody I tried to set up a fundraiser on GoFundMe ( @Saikoubarry gave his consent), but it turns out I'm not in one of the supported regions .

Do any of you have a GFM account in a country where it's supported, or access to some other internationally supported donations platform? Momodou only has access to Western Union and will give you the information to send the collected funds.

@ljwrites @ryan_harg @aurant @nobody whats the use of gofundme? I already collected money and will send this asap, I can share my PayPal or bank info if you want to put something into the pool

@gcrkrause oh that's so cool! Please give me your PayPal then (by DM if you'd like to keep it private), Western Union fees decrease for higher amounts so it's probably more efficient if we send everything in one transaction.

@ljwrites yes this was my intention, too. I already have the western union data, so in 2-3 days I should be able to send the money. I will provide you a proof of that ofc!

@gcrkrause Sent a little money! I'll make a separate post in case anyone else wants to chip in while there's time.

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