If you could end COVID-19 by sacrificing one programming language, which one would you choose and why is it PHP?

@fribbledom definitely javascript, or maybe python...

Haven't used enough php to hate it yet, but I've heard stories.

@gcrkrause @fribbledom that's debatable...

I'm a very strong believer in strong typing, and that a function should have one return type and not be able to pass/assign whatever you want to anything...

(That's not to say you can't create datatypes that can represent multiple types, you can have things like union values that can represent multiple types, they just need to be explicitly defined)

@gaurdianaq @fribbledom jeah thats totally true for programming languages, but thats not really what Python is made for from my point of view.

@gcrkrause @fribbledom I was under the impression python was made to be a general purpose programming language?

What would you say it's meant for?

@gaurdianaq @fribbledom well, maybe thats actually, what its made for. what i wanted to say is: its not what I think Python is great for.

For example I think python is a great language for learning, for prototyping, for some linux scripting if bash scripts are not capable.

@gcrkrause @fribbledom I can agree about prototyping, though I feel like if it's your first language it could let you learn some bad habits that won't really transfer well to other languages, and I'd guess it's probably easier to go from say, java to python than the other way around


@gaurdianaq You can learn bad habits everywhere, its not really the job of the language to prevent this. But at least you are enforced to do proper indentation and have some semantic sugar which lowers the mental load while reading and writing (thinking about something like "if var is not whatever"

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