If there is someone from who is interested to move to and take part in beta testing, just get in touch :)

In the next week everything will be set up and we need some users to test if everything works fine, before we start making it public.

@gcrkrause a Mastodon for #Leipzig? That is great! I would join for testing, also I run my own server.

@der_On Yep.

Do you run your own Mastodon? As Single User Instance?

@der_On Do you live in Leipzig?

This sounds like quite some overhead :)

@gcrkrause Yes, I'm living in Leipzig. It's not as uncommon to run your own single user instance. After all it's on a server that runs also other services. I started at but then did it my own single user instances of pixelfed, peertube and mastodon. Writefreely should follow. It's the fediverse after all and thats the beautiful thing about it.

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Server für Leipzig im Fediverse. <3 Diversität Hier posten @gcrkrause und @nomekopia